crochet:: the great amigurumi easter feast

In the words of the inspiring blogger, Lucy @ Attic24…



My masterpiece is complete 🙂

Easter for my niece and nephew is IN THE BAG.

The only regret…I never found the safety eyes for the s’mores…

I hope they enjoy the love that was put into each and every stitch.

I also hope I can find a larger basket to put all of their loot into before Easter is here!

I just don’t think any of these will work 🙂

Now, as for being inspired…I have been by Lucy…and by the tragedy that has struck Japan.  The Japanese people have been in my thoughts every day since their horrific quake.  They are lovely people with a beautiful culture.  This will be in remembrance of their heartache and survival.  I will also be completing another package to ship to Sarah for the Crochet a Rainbow project ~ won’t you join me?  Please make time to help by sending her a few granny squares. 🙂

So, here’s the sneak peek of Lucy’s Japanese flowers.  I have seen soooo many bloggers give it whirl, and have so thoroughly enjoyed their Ta~Dah moments, I am finally making something for myself again.  AAAAHHH…my turn…that kinda feels nice.

Thanks for stopping by!

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