photography:: miss lexi & miss cali

Good news to report Blog-friends!

The Lexi-Cali stand-off has finally ended in a truce.

No kitty-piles (as opposed to dog-piles) or snuggling together yet, but a truce none-the-less.

Who sleeps like this????

It has taken nearly 4 weeks, new toys (laser pointers are awesome), new food, new litterboxes, countless hours of distraction, and the intrusion of a dog!

(We were dog & horse-sitting for about a week while the neighbors were at Bike Week in Daytona ~ and payment for our services was 10 lbs. of fresh jumbo shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico ~ Woo Hoo!)

We were ALL incredibly stressed out!  Pins and Needles, I tell ya!

I have never had such a difficult time with the getting-to-know-you phase.

Thank goodness it is over ~ the growling and fur flying were nerve racking!

They are finally on friendly terms. YAY!

This photo was taken on the turning point day 🙂

The girls and I wish you a Happy St. Patricks’s Day!

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