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Inspiration for crochet projects seem to be coming from all directions lately.  They have all been pointing to Easter and Spring for me.  Gee, I can’t imagine why, wink wink.  I have only been lamenting it’s seemingly slow arrival for months now.

I have seen the rare and elusive hare in several locations on the web.  He is playing hide-and-seek in my dreams as well.  It’s a sign…a sign I must make my own feeble attempt to capture his image for myself.

So, without further ado, I bring you my new friend, The Easter Bunny.

(insert applause here, he really has a thankless job and would appreciate the gesture)

He turned out adorable ~ crooked nose and all!

(definitely not scary like the monkey)

The Easter baskets for the munchkins this year will be chock-full of yarny goodness.  Although, I have to admit, I am getting kind of tired of amigurumi projects.   Well, not really tired of them, more a feeling of been there, done that, now ready to move on for awhile.  I think it is time to really pour on the gas to get the last of them done this weekend.  If I can complete it soon and not drag it out another week, I won’t be SICK OF THE PROJECT.  When I get SICK OF THE PROECT I tend to never return, and I think I want to return to this someday.  There are multitudes of fun things to make with amigurumi,  but I think I am going to merely sprinkle them into my hooking instead of undertaking a dozen of them at once.  They really are a nice diversion from the socks that take 2 weeks, or the months-long undertaking of afghans.  And I still have my long list of WIPs to accomplish, as well as the Great Spring Craft Quest, which I must admit has taken the very last back-seat on the bus that is my crafting.

On that note, I shall leave you today.  I hope with a “warm fuzzy” for the day, because our hobby is meant for that. It warms the body and can warm the soul also. It can be practical or whimsical, and that can bring joy in our crazy world.  That rabbit even made my teenager smile!  Have a wonderful yarn filled weekend blog-friends. 🙂

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