crochet:: four~leaf clover bookmark

Hello, my name is Lisa and I’m a yarnaholic.

I spend my entire day thinking about it.  I gotta have it.  I scheme and dream about it.  I find myself wanting to use it early in the morning.  I want to use it late into the night.  I am powerless to stop.

I have a day job, I get an hour for lunch.  I spend nearly 90% of those lunch hours in search of it.  I really have a problem.

I found a new yarn shop near my office.


They have new-to-me brands and styles and colors and OOOH how I love to try them all!  My stash is growing exponentially.  My husband is going to need a new place to sleep if I keep up my yarn addiction at this pace.

In my evil little mind, I have the cartoon image of my house.  I am looking at it from about 500 feet away.  The walls begin to bow out ever-so-slightly.   The windows look as if they are made of stained glass.  No…wait, that’s not stained glass, that’s a mosaic of yarn pressed against the  glass.  I see my cartoon-self stuffing skein after skein of glorious beautiful yarn into the mail-slot.  The walls bow out more and more with each skein.  I back off to see tentacles of yarn emerge from the chimney and more of them ooze out between the bricks of the foundation and the pressure builds and builds…

Then POW!

My entire little white house EXPLODES in a massive tangle of rainbow colored yarn streamers like fireworks.

Yeah, I’m kinda goofy like that.

So, I hope my sweet man will not move out of the house displaced by yarn.  But I just could not resist the urge to buy some stash yarn for the NEXT BIG THING.  Because each creation is THE NEXT BIG THING.

I am scheming a new afghan.  What can I say?  At least it keeps me out of trouble.

But for right now, we have St. Patrick’s Day arriving soon and I have made a bookmark.  Not quite as exciting as the exploding yarn, but meh, it DID keep me out of trouble for a little while.  It goes well with my book addiction.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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