crochet:: amigurumi cupcake

Everybody loves cupcakes, right?

I know I sure love cupcakes…the ones with sprinkles.

I know I sure can’t make the fancy frosted kind that are edible.

But I can make them out of yarn. I can do it without getting frosting down the front of my shirt, or up to my elbows.  And they  look yummy.  I think the niece and nephew will enjoy these confections.

There are tons of free patterns to find just by googling..I won’t bore you with my variations.

But, if like me you are making them for munchkins that put everything in sight into their mouths, make sure to skip the beads that can be chewed off easily.  Embroidery floss has soooo many uses!

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2 thoughts on “crochet:: amigurumi cupcake”

  1. I love this I made one like it just to see what it would look like before I could even get the last stich done my grand daughter fell in love and had to have it. I plan on making her a dozen.


    1. They are adorable, aren’t they?! A dozen is a great idea! Maybe making a baker’s box out of craft foam sheets to put them in??? You are giving me great inspiration 🙂


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