crochet:: granny batch #1 revisited…

Had I not been day dreaming about this…

my absolute favorite beach in Florida, I might have actually done some much needed follow-through.

With all of my whining about the cold and snow and general ikky-ness of Iowa winters, I would have

realized in my busy little world that I have not yet sent my Crochet a Rainbow batch #1.  Ooooops!

So I made a couple more.

Had I sealed the envelope, and shipped it off as I was planning…

I would not have gotten a chance to fatten that package up!

Now repeat after me, do not forget to mail it out, do not forget to mail it out, do not forget to mail it out…

I really need to get a handle on this whole attention-span-of-a-hummingbird thing I’ve got going on.

Happy hooking chicas!

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

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