crochet:: amigurumi fortune cookies

YAY! More cookies!  Not just any cookies, FORTUNE cookies!

I will need to make some Chinese take-out to go with them…

I couldn’t stop on these ~ I made 2 for the kids, and 2 for the cats.  I put catnip into the center of the stuffing for the cats and they love ’em.

Oh, did I say CATS with an S?? Why, yes I did.  We have a new family member!

YAY for Lexi!

Lexi is a wonderful addition to the family.  She is incredibly calm and soft and sweet.

My son picked a winner 🙂

Her calm demeanor is a great asset in the getting-to-know-you phase with Cali.

Cali is still pretty tense.  Tense is putting it mildly.  Cali is actually REALLY UPTIGHT!!

See those WIDE eyes?  Yeah, she has been that way for the better part of the 24 hours since Lexi arrived.

She has this funky low growl when they lock eyes, but thankfully no fur has flown 🙂

I am really glad that my guys each have a 4-day weekend to play referee if necessary.  I am keeping hope alive that they will be fast friends after a few co-habitation days.

I am off to start my next installation of the Great Easter Amigurumi Feast, and about 12 other WIPs that I have in mind.  I should probably start a new list of WIPs I want to start too::

The animal shelter where we found Lexi needs help with some kitten-sacks (I will be sharing that pattern once I get it finished), I need to start a second batch of grannies for Crochet a Rainbow, and then I need to get back to the Great Spring Craft Quest so I can get a table at a great craft fair in early May.  Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!  I have put a lot on my plate!

Toodles, Smooches & Catch Ya Later 🙂

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