photography:: spring flowers

Hi there!

What a busy weekend…

lots of household duties, being a kid-taxi, and a winery night with the neighbor girls.

We had some fun with a garage project too.

This was the only creative time I really had this weekend, but it was so nice to share it with my Valentine.

He has been collecting license plates for about 20 years for garage art…his project is off to a great start.

Every guy’s man-cave deserves to have a little character.


This evening I sat down to begin my search for suitable photos to hang in my recently painted office.

I haven’t found THE ONE that will inspire my display, but I sure found that I take LOTS of flower pictures.

These beauties last only 1 night. I have had this cactus for about 18 years.

I love it when I catch them in bloom.


These are some other random spring flowers that got me sidetracked.

I started flipping through the seed & flower catalogs that are arriving almost daily now.





Violets…my favorites…



It is almost time to start planning my spring planting and help Frank work on the vegetable garden.

Spring ~ bring it on!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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