crochet:: yarn & wine night

When you live out in the sticks like I do, it is sooooo great to have good neighbors.

This is my “sista from another mista” Martha.


She lives 3 houses away from me out here in the middle of no-where.   She has been the coolest friend I have made as an adult.  I am the big sister in my family to a brother who is nearly 8 years younger than I.  Needless to say, I have NO CLUE what it is like to have a real sister.  Martha makes me feel like I have a sister.  A COOL sister.  We like so many of the same things, we can talk for hours, and we laugh like teenagers.  Three years ago, when I was sick with chemo and bald and cranky ~ Martha was the one who would show up at my doorstep and not care if I had my wig on, and would tell me I looked just fine, and  “wasn’t it about time to go out and shop?”.  Martha would bring over a care-package of chocolate and magazines and sit with me just to make me laugh.  She would bring me homemade white peach jam, or coax me into an horseback ride through the hills.  She’s just COOL that way.

Lately, Martha and I have spent a lot of time with more of our other neighbors.  We have been having bonfires or a glass of wine on the deck during the warmer months.  We have started to have “wine-tasting” weekends.  These other girls are becoming like family now as well.  We have a great group of neighbor-friends and it is something that has become a source of joy in my life.

When you can find a few great girls to laugh with when you are an adult, it adds so much to your life.  It makes it easier to be a parent, a wife, a daughter; and it’s just a whole lot of FUN!

We have been gathering nearly every Saturday night this winter, and we have had a new “thing”.  When we find a wine we like, we are now saving the cork.  We write on it the maker, the type, and the date; then we toss it in this ancient jar on my counter.

My favorite one so far has been from “Martha’s Roadside Vineyard”.  Martha is now learning to make wine from local fruits!  Isn’t that SO COOL?  Her wild concord grape wine was DIVINE and the prettiest shade of pink I have ever seen!

Martha had never crocheted a hat before and I taught her a few days ago on a yarn & wine night.  She finished it a just a couple of hours.  I think it turned out great!

All the girls all want to learn how to crochet now.  Also INCREDIBLY COOL!  Tomorrow is another yarn & wine night ~ it should prove to be tons o’ fun!!

Raising a toast to my hooker-blog-friends and to my neighbor-friends!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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