crochet:: granny bunting

The British & Aussie girls sure know how to inspire a plain-jane American chick!

I would have NEVER thought of making bunting ~ but have seen it done up so cute out here in Blogland.

I love this internet stuff!  It truly is an AWESOME way to exchange ideas and communicate when you realize how accessible it makes the entire globe…all of it instantaneous none-the-less!  I digress…but some days the littlest things amaze me.

I must say, it is the most fun and fabulous addition to my kitchen in a very long time.

It was another “snow-day” project ~ go figure ~ nearly half of our country is having the blizzard from hell.  Bet I’m not the only one stuck at home 🙂

Stay warm, stay home, stay the wonderful hookers that you are!

Thanks for stopping by!

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