crochet:: more flower power

Hi there!

I have official decided I am tired of the flower power trivets.

I am definitely ready to take a break…

they have been fun and easy to work on while watching the football play-offs over the weekend

but sometimes you can have TOO MUCH of  a good thing.

I made a total of 14!  I think that’s more than enough to get started on the Great Spring Craft Quest.  With the lover’s knot shawl, a doll bed/purse, some hats, a cowl, and a set of spa washcloths; I am up to 21 sale items.  Not too shabby for the first 2 weeks of the new year.

The purple one is my favorite.  I might still have to make ONE MORE…just for me.

I wonder how much stuff I should really make for my first time out?  I still have 5 or 6 different patterns set up to start working on.  I am figuring I should probably not make too many of any one thing ~ I think I will do better by having some variety.

Since this dismal, snowy view is out my front window, I suppose I still have many, many weekends of hooker therapy ahead of me this winter.   Time for more baskets of cheerful yarn.  I am off to make more spa-washcloths with my favorite cotton yarn.

Have a wonderful yarn-filled cheerfully-bright day 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and happy hooking!

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