crochet:: lover’s knot shawl 1.2

Hello BlogNeighbors!!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!  My fashion-photog (a.k.a. my wonderful husband) finally had the chance to take some better pix of the lover’s knot shawl.  I admit freely that the first photos of it were gawd-awful. What can ya do when it gets dark at 5 pm in the northern hemisphere?  Take more in better light!  (and you get a cute photographer when you have NO KIDS at home for the day!)

Check out the leopard pants!!! WooHoo ~ fashion plate I am!!!

Yes, the leopard pants are my FAV weekend apparel.  Hey, he says he likes my butt in them, so I can’t deny him the looky-loo.

Oh, and PS ~ yes, I was bald 3 years ago…I am sooooo happy to have my hair back!  (chemo SUCKS!)

I almost don’t want to sell this at the Great Spring Craft Quest now that I have seen the pix.  It feels so nice to wear too!  Toasty 🙂

And then, Cali steals my afghan while we are on a photo shoot.

little bitch won’t stay off my couch!!!!

but when she is this cute it’s hard for me to disturb her…

so this is what is on the menu for today…more flower power trivets…

it’s back to work for me…

so glad you stopped by ~ have a lovely weekend 🙂

Edited to add::

Thanks to all for the email requests.  I will give a few pointers as to what I did, but I really made this one up as I went along and never wrote a real pattern.

I know this much ~ I used most of a ginormous skein of Lily Sugar N Cream cotton yarn (12 0z.) and a “G” hook

I used a diagram I found by googling “solomon’s knot”

I chained for about 5 feet (60 inches), rather loosely.

Row 1 was the solomon knot all the way across

Row 2 and beyond, I decreased by 1 solomon’s knot on the last stitch at the end each time.  It made kind of a scalloped half stitch that looked pretty good.  I continued in this fashion until I had made it come to a point with 1 solomon’s knot.  It made it really long in the back, but a full triangle.  If you wanted to make it shorter, you could decrease on both ends every row, thereby making it half as long in the back.

Good luck ~ and if anyone comes up with pointers please feel free to post them in the comments. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “crochet:: lover’s knot shawl 1.2”

  1. love the cat … they are so much fun. Hey, do you have patterns for these things, or do you just show off what you have made? I’d love to have some of the patterns. Thanks!


    1. Melissa,
      If you click on “free patterns” in my tag cloud it will take you to all of the posts that include a free pattern. If you can’t find what you want – let me know – I would be happy to share the pattern if it’s not already posted. Thanks for visiting 🙂


  2. WOW beautiful shawl,, can u pls share pattern with me.i’ve made a lot of stuff for almost everyone in my family but now I want to make this for my mother in law, this is perfect for – delicate and beautiful, pretty please, my email is thank you


    1. Thanks 🙂 I made this quite some time ago, and it was more just doodling around with a hook to learn the lover’s knot stitch. If you will give me a few days to find my notes and try to turn it into a pattern, I’ll do my best to come up with something usable. Cheers ~ LV


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