crochet:: bath set

Hello there, nice to see you again!  I suspect the first week of the New Year is going to end on a good note…it has been a very icky week for me, so it can only improve from here!  To de-stress from the setbacks I have dealt with this week, I decided to imbibe in some hooker-therapy.  AAAAAHHHHH ~ that’s much better now ~ deep cleansing breaths and cheerful yarn.  Baskets and baskets of cheerful yarn.  A girl can have a pretty good time sorting through bright, soft fuzzy yarn…

But, somewhere in the daydreaming of future projects and all that yarn, I managed to finish this WIP that was started over the Christmas weekend.

A girl can also enjoy some pampering when she needs to take a few deep cleansing breaths too.  I just love using cotton spa-style washcloths at the end of the day to take off my make up.  I also love calling them “spa-style” cuz that is a fancy way to say I made dish cloths a little bigger this time and they match my bathroom instead of my kitchen (wink wink).  I made up the back scrubber on a whim and I think it should work fairly well.  I mean, a brush is the best way to go but I will give this a whirl.  The bath puff is a new-to-me crochet item (I usually buy the tulle ones), lets hope it eventually dries, because it seems to me that it will be really tough to wring out…oh well, at least it will look pretty hanging on the spigot 🙂

Time to run a nice hot bath, wash away the outside world, and go hibernate for a few hours before that damn alarm goes off.  Can’t wait for the weekend to get here…

Thanks for stopping by!

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