crochet:: slippers

Hello again!  I am already back-sliding on my New Year resolutions!!! Help!!!

Instead of working on items for the Great Spring Craft Quest, I have been side-tracked by slippers…

Slippers are WINTER wear ~ not SPRING!!! AAAARRRRGGGHH!!!

I swear sometimes I have the attention span of hummingbird.

Orange is sooooo not my favorite color, but I was coerced by my child to make these.  What mom can resist their child asking, “please make me something Mom, it’s my turn”?

I am just amazed that at his age he wants something I made.  My unbiased opinion is that I have a wonderful kid. 🙂

Now, I am off to get some sleep so that tomorrow I can continue the Great Spring Craft Quest…I am thinking of making a really lacy shawl next as I have been wanting to try the lover’s knot stitch…


Happy hooking & thanks for stopping by!

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