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Good evening!!!! I have finally sorted through all of my holiday photos and I can begin to share what we spent our vacation time doing.

Mostly baking and eating, of course!!

We amassed all of our supplies after this post…

Then we dove into the mixing bowl like it was a swimming pool on a hot July day…

we must have washed those beaters 10 times!

Once I found this recipe for buckeyes, I threw out the old old one!

NO JOKE…this IS the BEST EVER BUCKEYE recipe from Smitten Kitchen!

My husband is from Ohio, so we make buckeyes EVERY year…trust me ~ you will not find a better recipe.  I even threw out the one from his Mom…THAT GOOD!

OK ~ so some of my chocolate was overheated and runny as you can see, but they turned out AMAZING!

We also made some super easy~peasy lemon cookies.

After all that work, (and 3 other kinds of cookies, oh ~ and a blueberry cheesecake) it was time for a hot toddy and some hooker therapy.  You see, I say WE worked on the baking, what I really meant was I worked on it.  The guys wimped out after about 30 minutes.  I, on the other hand, spent 6 HOURS straight in the kitchen.

I relaxed with some Christmas spiced tea with homemade Apple Pie Hooch, mmmmmm.  Then, I picked up my hook.  I call these my “Flower Power Trivets”.  The last time I made one, I was learning to crochet from my Granma Amy.

Yeah, I know, I am stuck in a pink & brown rut if you just look at my pictures.  I have actually now made about 6 of these in various color combinations…they are really fun and quick to make.  I thought they would be a hit at a spring craft show and I will share more when I have time to take pictures in better light.  I am taking a few more days off for the New Year holiday and plan to get some serious yarn art completed!

Happy hooking & cooking!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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