food:: Christmas is a wrap!

WHEW!! Made it through another Christmas!  I hope this post finds you rested up for the New Year!

My carnivorous family said this was the best.ham.ever.  (Punctuated as my teenaged son texted it to his friends, hee hee)

I did a simple glaze of orange juice and honey, and merely studded it with whole cloves.  It smelled AMAZING in the house!

We were the recipients of the most lovely homemade BBQ sauce and Apple Pie Hooch.

These have to be THE most wonderful; and my most favorite kind of gifts.

And of course, we ended up with waaaaaayyyy too much candy.

In one of our sillier moments, we decided to “taste the rainbow” of our Skittles candy quite literally.  So we sorted them and tried them in rainbow order to see if they tasted any better!  🙂

Thankfully the tree made it through Cali’s first Christmas without being toppled, so we gave her a new catnip squirrel as a present.

What a wonderful season of peace and joy in our home.  I hope your holidays were just as lovely and filled with happiness.

Thanks for stopping by!

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