crochet:: doll bed/purse 2

Hello All!!  Vacation time starts today for me!! YAY!

The only problem with that is my habit of waking up at 6am *GRRR*  I wanted so badly to sleep in today and relax, and of course woke up on time for work and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes.  I realized ya can’t fight it, so I got up and got busy.   I added another little girl gift to the holiday donations I worked on last week.

After I took the original donated earwarmers to work, I got a nice surprise.  One of the ladies at my office asked me to make 2 for her daughters as well.  MY FIRST ORDER!  I have been thinking for some time now about opening an Etsy shop, or perhaps selling my creations at craft fairs.  I’ve decided to go for it!  Starting today, I am going to work my hook like there is no tomorrow, and I am going to get a table at a spring craft fair.

I think these will be one of my craft fair offerings.  I would love to know what you like to see for sale at craft fairs.

Maybe shawls, hats, scarves and a few amigurumi toys too???

I am going to need more yarn!  I am ready for Christmas, so maybe I shall go do some yarn shopping today…that would be an extremely pleasant way to start off my vacation time….

Yes, yes most definitely, I am off to the yarn shop.

Merry Christmas and safe travels, thanks for stopping by!

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