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Season’s Greetings!!

Yesterday’s Bake Fest 2010 was a looooonnnng day, but very productive.  I made so many batches of cookies that I am still baking some today, and probably will have more to pop in the oven tomorrow.  I hope to share a couple of new recipes with you in the coming days.

I have being doing more wrapping today than baking and I had to show you this.

I LOVE this gift for my sister-in-law!  I was fortunate enough to see this Etsy seller at a local craft fair.  She makes some of the coolest jewelry I have seen in a while.  When I saw the flip side of the “sweet & sassy” charm, I knew this was THE gift for my husband’s twin sister.

I am sooooo wishing I would have gotten one for myself too!

Anyhoo,  I have been putting up more Christmas decorations again this weekend, and I found this::

Low and behold…a long-lost WIP!  I know from this view you are wondering, what the heck IS it???

Well, I’ll show you::

It is crocheted popcorn & cranberry garland…

I was in the process of making enough for the tree, and I must have packed it away last year instead of moving to the magical craft closet.  Well, I guess it is time to finish this project.

It is not my own pattern, it is a torn out page from a Crafts magazine ~ December 1998, by Maureen Egan Emlet.  It’s made with 12mm red wooden beads (about 48 for a 12 foot section), white acrylic yarn, and a G hook.

So, before my weekend completely slips away, I am off to make some more garland.

Happy holidays and safe travels!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂

2-10-2011 Edited to add explanation of garland tips.

string all of your beads on first…

add your slipknot on the end and immediately start the pattern stitch…

it magically builds 5 chains at a time without a full foundation row…

once you have done the correct number of popcorn pieces, slide a bead towards your work…

it’s kind of a pain to keep pushing the beads along to get yarn, but it’s not tooooo bad…

then I pull up some extra yarn, remove my large hook and pull the loop through the bead with a smaller hook,

take time to straighten out the loop back on the large hook, then you can keep on going

According to the directions, you should be able to make a 12 foot length with 48 beads with 5 popcorns in between.

Mine have been a little longer, because I have used heavier weight yarn, and I have a tendency to have a slightly loose gauge on my stitches.  I use 2 completed garlands on my 6 ft tree.

I hope this answers questions without infringing upon the rights of the pattern creator 🙂


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64 thoughts on “crochet:: gifts & tree trimming”

  1. Ms. Emlet, I have the Craft’s magazine dated Dec. 1998/Jan.1999 which has your design of the Crochet Christmas Garland (popcorn and cranberry look-alike). I’m having trouble with the instructions.
    1) Do I start with any chain stitches? If so how many?
    2) Not sure on the treading of the beads, do I use a separte piece of
    yarn, then crochet that piece into the double crochet’s as I go.
    3) What size tree does this go around.
    I think this will look cute on my best friend’s tree, as she use’s real popcorn and it brake’s into piece’s. I look forward to your reply. Thank you ahead, Karen Lange


    1. Karen, although I would love it to be my own design, alas it is not. I was giving proper credit to Ms. Emlet in my post. I have made a large number of these garlands, so there are a couple of tricks that I will share. I will hopefully answer your questions with an update to this post with lots of pictures.
      Cheers! Lisa Victoria 🙂


    1. I found the wooden beads in the Christmas trimming department at Hobby Lobby several years ago. They were a garland that I cut apart. This is the perfect time of year to look 🙂


      1. Hello Yarnchick sorry took me forever to get back to you. anyway wanted to say thank you for the email with directions you sent. once i started it was oh yes i remember now LOL I was actually looking for something on dolls today and this pattern popped up in the search and i thought i need to say thank you just in case i forgot. so thank you very much!!!!!


  2. Hi there. A number of years ago I gave my aunt a craft book with a crochet pattern for popcorn/cranberry garland. Now many years later, I would love to have some more strands, but cannot find the magazine (back in the 90’s). This looks very much like the one I had. If you could email the pattern that would be fantastic! Do I have to post my email publicly, or can I message you some other way? Thanks, Shelley


  3. I have wanted to make this for years but my mother has been unable to find her pattern, would so love it if you could send a copy of the pattern. Thank you so much.


  4. I would love to have this pattern and thank you for all the pics and hints and tips. Thank you so much. Do I need to post my email?


  5. Yarn chick, could you please send me the pattern. I have started a popcorn garland, but mine doesn’t look quite like yours. I like yours.


  6. I have been going crazy trying to find this pattern. I used to have it but we lost everything in a house fire a few years ago. I am now recovering from surgery and this would keep me occupied. Would be thrilled to have this pattern…will send hubby to Hobby Lobby for the beads.Sure he will love that(-:
    It would be so wonderful if you could send me the pattern since my old popcorn garland and pattern is gone.
    Thank you so much…I hope mine comes out as well as yours.


  7. I’ve been making these popcorn garlands for years. I made up my own pattern without ever seeing a pattern or another garland like it before. I used to sell them at craft fairs all the time. They were very popular. So popular in fact that when I moved away from Michigan to Pennsylvania, my dad called me to tell me that one of my old customers wanted more and I needed to send some out there for her. She paid for the shipping and everything. My pattern was not exactly like this one, but very close to it. I never did write it down. Maybe I should have. I could have been in a magazine. 🙂


  8. I would love a copy of the Christmas popcorn and cranberry garland for my grandmother who lent out her copy and it was never returned. She’d be so happy to get another copy. Thank you!


  9. Oh my, I was despairing that there were no patterns for popcorn and cranberry garland crocheted. If it would not be an inconvenience, could you please send me your beautiful pattern to: thank-you for considering me.


  10. I have lost my pattern for the crocheted popcorn and wooden bean Christmas garland. Would you please send it to me via email? Thanking you in advance.


  11. Could you please let me have a copy of the pattern as my daughter is doing the London Moon Walk in aid of breast cancer awareness in May. The theme they are using for costumes is Saturday Night at The Movies, hence the need for a popcorn pattern!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Could you please send me the pattern for the popcorn/cranberry garland? People have copied & recopied it so many times that half of the information is missing on this one. Thank you so much.


  13. Could you email me the pattern also? I made 2 of these years ago, but no longer have the pattern and would a couple more. Found the beads via Etsy, so I’m ready to go. Thanks!


  14. Is there a video on how the do crocheted popcorn & cranberry garland? I’m trying to make one for my mom since she miss placed my grandmas and is upset about it. I do better by watching people do it.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I found your post in a search for a pattern for this kind of garland. Just found beads on sale after Christmas very cheap and would like to make some garland for a friend. If you’re still reading these posts and wouldn’t mind, could you send a copy of your pattern to please? I am curious about how to get the third strand of yarn through the bead, if that makes sense. Thanks very much!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Can you send a copy to me without me posting my email address for all to see? Lol! My grandma made this for all of us and it would mean a lot to my mom and to me to get a copy of it. Thanks so much!


  17. I too started a garland years ago and have wanted to finish it, but lost the pattern. This garland looks just like mine. Is this pattern available?


  18. This is fantastic and I absolutely love the garland but love how you shared your tips as well. If you are still sharing the pattern, I would greatly appreciate it. I searched and searched for a way to pay for her pattern but couldn’t find it anywhere although she has other beautiful patterns listed on Ravelry. Thank you!!


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