crochet:: another gift

Merry Almost Christmas!

Love this pattern from tangledhappy!!!

These look so adorable on and they are so easy to make!

I am adding one to every gift I give this year I think, or so it seems. I tell myself, OK that is enough, but then I find another color and another Christmas gift recipient that I can make one for!  I guess it is a very good thing that it is winter in Iowa and they can be put to use right away.  I could make due without the ice we have had lately, my morning commute has been sooooo sloooooow!   So, we are at the eleventh hour for gift making and I am still on overdrive ~ but I supposed many others are too.  What is it about us wonderful giving women?  I say we are pretty awesome!

I suppose that our blog-chatting will be quite intermittent for a few days here, for all of my favorite blogs to visit as well as my own, but I am expecting to take some time off from work for the holidays and cozy up in the house and get some me-time hooking away and drinking hot chocolate and enjoying time with my family.  I will be excited to see what everyone will have been up to over the long weekends!  Lots of photos will be in order 🙂

Best wishes to all, safe travels, and thanks so much for stopping by!


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