crochet:: cat afghans and other gifts

Hello my long-lost blog-friends.  I have been experiencing internet issues and that has given me quite a bit of hooky time.  Cali’s afghan was a big hit with the fur-covered crowd…

And pampered!!!!  I am amazed that my husband will actually move it from the couch to her little wicker Cali-house at night and she climbs right in and sleeps there until our alarm goes off!



On to other gifts…

I was soooo thrilled to find this pattern!

We have “adopted” a family for Christmas where I work and I made these to donate to the 2 little girls, as they have lost both of their parents and need lots of help.  I really hope these will keep them warm!

I have been up to other Christmasy gift making and I REALLY need to get busy baking.  I will share more tomorrow when I have some free time!

So, as always, thanks for stopping by!

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