crochet:: laptop sleeve

I have had this done for several weeks and completely forgot to post it!!! So, here it is.  Every laptop deserves a crocheted cushiony blankie to keep it safe on the run, and this is sooooo super simple.  I used a size H hook & acrylic yarn.  All you have to do is make a base chain a smidge short of the length (or width) of your laptop and single crochet row 1.  That will make it fit nice and snug.  When you get to the end of row 1, make 3 sc in that first original chain and start single crocheting down the other side of the base chain, putting 2 sc in the end, ch 1 and turn.  Then you merely continue rows 2 through 54 (for a Mac Book) by sc in the back loops only, and change colors whenever the mood strikes you.

Easy-peasy ~ I love functional artwork!

Happy hooking & thanks for stopping by!

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