crochet:: bibs & bits & pieces

Hi there!  Just a quick post of the little things I fiddle with when I have no major project started…first I made this baby bib for my niece.

I saw this done somewhere on the web…and thought it would be cool to try some cables.  They aren’t as difficult as I originally thought, although this first attempt is kind of squished-looking.  Now to work them into the next creation…

I got the cable thing mastered and not-so-squished-looking for this coffee (actually tea for me) cozy.

Then I got bored with cables and made a little case for carrying my ipod in my purse.  Yes, I know, everything is sooooo pink.  When I fiddle and doodle with yarn and have no direction, I just pluck out a partial skein from the magical craft closet stash and get to hooking.  Yesterday just happened to be pink day and I completely used up that little left-over from a baby afghan.  Bonus!  Now if I could just settle on a new project!!!!! Any suggestions?  Maybe tomorrow I will post pics of my stash yarn and someone will give me some inspiration 🙂

Happy hooking & thanks for stopping by!


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