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My cute little socks are done!  After a few detours for pillows and turkey and cake ~ look how they turned out.

I will admit, this is not my absolute favorite sock yarn for color, but my local stores didn’t have much to choose from and this was mostly just a personal challenge to see if I could make them without a pattern.  Now that I have been successful I am ever-so-pleased!  Of course, I purchased too much yarn and I still have enough yarn left for another pair that will get done sometime next year…

So here is the pattern:

1 1/2 skeins of Patons Stretch Socks yarn in “sugar”

E hook

chain 9 to make a skinny little ribbed cuff of 8 sc per row worked in back loops only, do this by working in the 2nd ch from hook across, ch 1 turn to sc in back loops for 46 rows. (you could make the cuff any width you desire – I prefer cute little socks)

when you turn after row 46 make sure it fits around your ankle comfortably but a little snug and if necessary tear out 2 rows or add 2 rows at a time to make it fit

then sc the short ends together and keep this seam at the back of your ankle

rnd 1: turn it on it’s side to start your rounds by ch 1 and sc as evenly as possible around for 53 stitches

rnd 2: just make another continuous round of 53 stitches

rnd 3: sc 39, ch 25 for the around the heel, and reattach so that you have left 25 open on the previous row for later

rnd 4: sc on each across the top of the foot and 25 on the chain piece

rnd 5 – 42: sc continuous

rnd 43 – 55: decrease (st2tog) 1 time on opposite sides to begin narrowing for toes (that’s twice per row) do this for 13 rows so you end up with 26 fewer stitches by the 13th time

finally sc the seam tog – about 11 stitches

reattach yarn at heel opening in the back and sc all the way around once and continue rounds as you did for the toe by doing the decrease (st2tog) on the opposite sides for 10 rounds and then sc the seam tog – about 11 stitiches

You did it!  Only 1 more sock to go!

and you thought I would be a 1-sock-wonder for 2 weeks 🙂


Today is the last full day of the college football regular season…so my guys and I are curled up on couches and I have finished ALL of my mending (gasp!) including adding buttons to the Mochachino Pillows, and I have finally caught up all my crochet projects. Whew!  I am so amazed that I did that.  Usually there are 3 or 4 WIPs piling up.  What to do? Oh, what to do?!

I got 2 skeins of this purply-peacock-feathery-kaleidascope novelty yarn a few years ago and have no idea what to do with it.  I am making a big rectangle that may end up as a convertible-buttoned-neck-warner-thingy…

Or perhaps it will just be a Cali-sized kitty afghan…she is quite enamored with this particular yarn…and it would look kind of cute in her little wicker Cali-house…


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7 thoughts on “crochet:: sock pattern”

  1. Thanks so much for the free sock pattern!! SO MANY people want you to pay for their patterns and I think they should be free so more people will crochet!! I can’t wait to try these for my Grandma’s Christmas presents!! Let me know if you need any patterns as I have LOTS AND LOTS and will gladly scan and send to you!!


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