crochet?:: life goes on

So, I admit that I have not been a good blog-friend of late.  Life has gotten a wee bit busy.  Even with the holidays coming up, it is actually slowing down again for me.  And goodness do I need it to slow down!  These are a few of the fun punctuation marks that have been in my loooong run-on sentence of an existence for the past couple of weeks.

The sock project is chugging along, the first one should be done tomorrow and it is really cool!

My husband painted this to decorate my garden in the spring.

And I have spent some time with my wonderful niece and nephew 🙂

I have also been fortunate to spend time chatting and laughing with good friends at a lunch here or a dinner there.  And I am trying to get back into playing the piano.  I have found that my skills are VERY rusty!  I am off to practice, practice, practice.  Tomorrow will bring a football Saturday to play hooky all day ~ YAY!

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