crochet:: granny tissue box cover

Whew, life has been busy, busy, busy.  No time for yarn or hooks or silliness until just recently.  Those times in life do not allow for blogging, nor would anyone really want to hear about it anyway.

Now that life is back on track, I have made some small time-outs for hooks and yarn and I feel so much better now.  I prefer creative names for my couch time:: yarn art is a favorite, as well as the ever-popular hooker therapy.

This is where I started a couple of weeks ago.

So after a glass of wine and some surfing, I decided upon this wonderful pattern from one of my favorite places to visit:   The Royal Sisters

Then after wayyyyy too much time away from all things yarny…finally it is a useful piece of yarn art.

And of course, I made it to match my autumn theme going on in my kitchen.

I am quite pleased with my cotton creation.

Now it lives in my kitchen with its autumnal granny circle friend.   The boys in my life even like it.  My husband has requested a version for his bathroom. He likes that the tissues dispense evenly and he doesn’t have to shake the box upside down because they don’t fall back inside anymore.  Bonus!

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