crochet:: granny circle 2

Autumn colors…

So much better than the obnoxious plastic Halloween stuff at the local chain store.

I love this pattern so much, I just can’t stop.

This granny circle is enjoying a space at the center of my kitchen table with my Amish lazy susan, salt & pepper shakers, and some candles right now.

As soon as I can get it completed, I will share the matching tissue box cover for my autumn kitchen! 🙂

Happy Hooking to All!


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madly, passionately in love with yarn

3 thoughts on “crochet:: granny circle 2”

  1. I have searched til my fingers are sore and I cannot find a pattern to teach me how to crochet a granny circle, beyond 4 rounds!!! Would you share how you do yours? I can’t make sense out of the “circle formula” when I try to apply it to a granny circle, so i’m hoping you can help. Im wanting to crochet round pillow covers for my couch. Thank you!


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