photography:: new day::new camera::new energy

PSSSST – check it out – I got a new camera and I am soooo excited!   I have to sit on my hands to stop from waving at everyone!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photography and my new camera is just dreamy!   For 20 years I had always used a fabulous film Cannon SLR that I bought from a magazine photographer that made my hobby fun.  In our digital world I have struggled with the technology.  You can’t take good pics with a POS cheap digital camera.  Well, I can’t anyway…and there are so many POS digital cameras on the market.  I have spent soooo much money on junk that doesn’t live up to its hype.  So 7 years and 4 digital cameras later, I have found a great one and I am having so much fun again.

I was so excited about it that I took yesterday off from work and went to the zoo merely to spend the day taking pictures and getting to know what this baby will do.  I was not disappointed.

I got the spend the day with my son, and I think I have finally gotten him interested in photography too.  The teenager that NEVER acts excited about ANYTHING (because they are way TOO COOL to be excited), even helped point out some good shots and wanted to see how they all turned out.  Bonus!!

Have a fabulous weekend! L

PS::The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is phenomenal…but I am not biased at all…my mom is a scientist there 🙂

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