crochet:: merry gothmas


crochet:: sometimes i knit

I learned how to knit this summer and I’m enjoying the the change. While I can crochet after an adult beverage, I’m not quite as skilled at knitting…yet.

I found this yarn & pattern at Expression Fiber Arts btw

Happy hooking…or needling…whatevs😘

crochet:: give, then give some more


I’ve been trying really hard to help the homeless in my community.  I hooked hats & scarves & gloves to distribute in a park that is a place many homeless people spend their days. We have brutal winters & I realized I don’t do enough with my craft to help. I had several items that had not sold from my (long closed) Etsy store that were packed in a box when they could be keeping someone warm instead.

For a while there, I was on a hat binge. I made the grey & black ones for my niece & nephew, then made more just like them to give away…it felt great!

Then I realized that I had blankets galore made for ‘just in case’ I needed at quick gift, and others that were gently used but lived in the linen closet for years because I had moved on to the next afghan.

I also had store bought cold weather gear taking up real estate in my home that would be better served to those that had so little…I was on a roll!

There were samples & prototype pieces that were culled & cleaned, ends woven & snipped, last rows completed.

Recently, I was able to hand some out directly to very lovely people in need of warm gear. I hugged them and told them that I cared; it was an experience I will never forget.  I need to do more of this with my fiber art.


Thanks for stopping by ❤


crochet:: on the subject of October

On this date in 2007, I was meeting with my cancer surgeon & his nurse for the first time.  I had only been diagnosed days before & I was a complete wreck.  With every scenario that was laid out in front of me, I wept even more. I was inconsolable.  Nothing about a cancer diagnosis or it’s treatment is easy.  Nothing.

Over the course of the next 9 months, my surgeon & nurse not only proceeded to save my life, but to change it completely.  I listened to a lot of music and played with a lot of yarn while getting chemo and waiting in hospital lobbies.  I learned a ton of things going through that ordeal, one of the most important was to do what I love because life is too short.  Yarn makes me happy.

It’s my hooker therapy.

Cancer never really goes away from your thoughts once you’ve had it.

And whoa-nelly hooker therapy helps.

It’s 10 whole years later.  I’ve gone from thinking I know a little about my craft, to actually knowing a ton more than I thought was possible to learn.  I’ve become a yarnsnob, because life really is too short to use cheap yarn. I try to do a bit of hooker therapy every single day.  I have even more to learn and only 1 lifetime to get it done.  I got goals y’all!

One of those goals I am pleased to say, was to design, publish & get paid real money for my patterns.  I started that last year in earnest when I applied to design for Yarn-Crush.  I was asked back again this year & was over the moon with joy!  Below are my designs from their April 2017 & May 2018 subscription boxes.  The patterns are listed here on Ravelry. I’ve put them on sale for the month of October at 33% off.  No coupon needed.

My plea to you for today:: go get your ta-tas tested

photo by YarnCrush
photo by YarnCrush
photo by YarnCrush

*I am not a spokesperson for YarnCrush. I just think Joanna & her team are amazing & I enjoyed working with them immensely*

crochet:: yeah, yeah, yeah…I took some time off




And just what exactly have I been up to?  Things…stuff…sometimes nothing.  Lots of other social media & deleting a bunch of apps I don’t like.  Taking classes & learning to *gasp* knit.  More about the dark arts later though.


Today is for saying

Hello Again Lovelies!


Today is for easing back into the focus it requires

so I can write again.  It’s been too long.


Today is for showing you some yarnporn

of my experiments in wool dyeing since we last spoke.



Enjoy & thanks for stopping by


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capturing summer




crochet:: an ode to the dyeing of wool

I’m currently loving the dyeing of wool

It’s squishy goodness makes my heart full

Colors & fibers & basic alchemy 

Making art is good for me

crochet:: popping in to say…

Helllloooo! While I pretty much abhor the word, I’ll say it, I’ve been busy.  How about you?  The good news is that I’ve been busy on GOOD STUFF!

I’ve been working on a secret project that I’ll share in the next few days, I’ve been making tons of crochet FOs, and I’ve been honing in on the direction of my future in fiber art.  And it feels great!

As you probably know, I’ve tried lots of things on this journey since I started this blog & not all of them have turned out so fabulous. That’s not all bad. I’m not saying I’ve found the secret sauce to success, but for me, I’ve found stuff that makes me happy and ditched the things that don’t.  I count that as a win.

So while I’m stopping in to say hello, I just want to give you the heads up on a great tool for fiber arts that I just came across on my Instagram account.  It’s called TINK & there’s a Kickstarter campaign that you guys might want to check out. Although I’m not affiliated with it in any way other than a backer, it’s so cool I had to share because I really REALLY want to see it succeed.

Here’s a link if you want to check it out::

So thanks for stopping by! I’m planning to slam your notifications with more regular posts again & hoping we can continue to inspire each other😘

Happy hooking!